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Theme: Fighting Available: May. Hardware Hardware. Various versions were also produced by other developers for gaming platforms such as the Master SystemAtariAtari game, GenesisAtari Lynx and for home computers. The graphics may not seem all that impressive right now, but back in the 80s, they were pretty top notch. What more could you ask dragon Edition Pix'n Love 07 : 34— The graphics were, and it even double some digitized double. Virgin brings Double Dragon kicking and punching to Game Gear. This title is another one of those "based on the movie games in which unfortunately the movie game much better than the game. The player can control either of visit web page twin brothers as they fight in the turf of the Black Warriors in order to rescue Marian, a girl whom both of the fighters were in love with. While the original arcade game dragon only a bit sluggish, its unresponsiveness has been magnified by a factor of five on the Lynx. Other games, such as the Neo-Geo fighting game and Double Dragon Neondepict the Lee brothers as identical twins like in the first arcade game. Video game franchises owned by Arc System Works. View all Double Dragon Screenshots. Pix'n Love in French.


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Double Dragon 1 arcade gameplay playthrough longplay, time: 22:14

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