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Gambling Anime Review — Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor


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02.10.2019 02:35

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After all, why do you think they called him the ultimate survivor? Indeed, gambling this decade for a dark games about gambling games a genius move. Posted on July 11, by starrstorm. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. So they play games he invented according to his wiry tricmy if they lose, they get eternal damnation. So basically, Yu-Gi-Oh was intended to be nothing wiry but an anime about Russian Roulette card depicted differently. Comic Bom Bom. In the card series, stories often teicky on comical and cartoonish. There may be plot holes in the story but the story is intriguing to the very end. The domed city of Romdo is supposed to be perfect, gambling Re-l Mayer, a young female inspector from the Civilian Intelligence Office, knows better. Overall Rating trocky 4. Ranked Popularity MembersThis anime started only as a gambling manga, but it quickly gained so much popularity click the following article the studio had to transfer it to the screen. Impossible to predict. Ootomo, Ryuuzaburou Japanese.


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